Addtabz Review- Is This Your Best Pick?

addtabz-bottlesAddtabz is currently a very popular non prescription based Nootropic , that is supposed to increase brain function, help with memory and protect brain cells.

But, you are reading this now because you are likely to have a range of questions about the product. For example, how good is it really? Who is it more suited to and is this safe for longer term use? Where can you find Addtabz? What are the ingredients? How do you use it and how soon will you notice a difference? Are there any side effects you should know about?

First, you’re in the right place! In this detailed review below, you’ll find the answers to those questions and more, so let’s get started!

What Does Addtabz Do?

AddTabz is claimed to be a better alternative to a prescription based alternative, Adderall. Its benefits are numerous, such as to assist with memory, problem solving, critical thinking, increase your energy, clear focus, concentration and improve a person’s productiveness too.

AddTabz tablets comprise of Ampheta CDP, which is in essence synthetic amphetamine, which you will also find in its nearest competitor, Adderall.

Although somewhat similar, Addtabz builds on the active overall effect of Adderall by its chemically engineered composition, which is said to eliminate any major side effects, ensuring that the tablets are not addictive and simply increase its overall safety during use.

Being an over the counter alternative, Addtabz is available to people who would also like to treat ADHD, but for whatever reason, their doctor will not give them a prescription for something like Adderall.

Who Is AddTabz Most Suited For?

Although AddTabz is suitable and works equally well for people of all ages, the solution is particularly beneficial to students who have a high work load, increased stress levels and tight deadlines.

Similarly, if you are in a job that is highly demanding, with lots of pressure, timelines and deadlines, Addtabz can be a very effective solution that helps you perform at your peak, whilst reducing your anxiety levels.

How Do You Take It?

AddTabz is simple to use. Just take one tablet daily with a glass of water and for best results, take it at least 2-3 hours before a meal, to ensure that your stomach is empty beforehand.

This simply means that any food has the opportunity to counteract the full effectiveness this remedy will bring you.

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It generally takes about half and hour for you to feel and notice a difference in yourself and be continuing with your dosage, you will notice a steady increase up to your personal optimal level, which will sustain as you take your daily pill.

The Company Behind AddTabz

over-25-years-experienceThe company that produces AddTabz, Lexium International, has been producing both prescription and non prescription based products for over 25 years to date.

Lexium International produces a range of different health products, from appetite suppressant weight loss pills, to weight loss assistance specifically to teenagers, to sleeping aids too.

They certainly are not some ‘fly by the night’ type of manufacturer, that are here today and gone tomorrow and have obviously proven their expertise and experience for over a quarter of a century.

Different Versions Of AddTabz

You may or may not be aware that Lexium International actually produces two different versions of AddTabz.

There’s AddTabz as we have been discussing and its brother, called AddTabz Rx.

The ‘RX’ suffix in all of Lexium’s manufacturing line is an indication of a prescription based version. In other words, if you were interested in AddTabz Rx, you will actually need to see your doctor and request a prescription.

Off course, Addtabz (without the RX) is available as an ‘over the counter’ option from suppliers and online too.

What’s The Difference Between The Two Variations

Since there are two variations of AddTabz, you are likely to be wondering what the difference between the two is, and also which version is the better option is for you to consider.

Both versions of Addtabz use the active ingredient Ampheta-CDP, which is a powerful hybrid construction alternative to Ampheta HCL.

Ampheta-CDP is the amplified hybrid construct of Ampheta HCL , which is more commonly used in prescription based Nootropic’s.

The difference between the variations of AddTabz, lies in the strength of Ampheta-CDP, which is slightly lower, meaning that it can be sold as an over-the-counter remedy, unlike it’s RX brother.

Interestingly though, the results even from AddTabz itself, is still more powerful that Adderall, and it is still comparable to its brother too.

The reason for both variations could be that some people still prefer to get a prescription based product from their doctor, because of the trust value of their doctor perhaps.

Should You Anticipate Any Side Effects?

No Side EffectsThere are no common side effects in terms of medical discomfort or abnormalities that are associated with taking AddTabz.

A less common but possible side effect of taking Addtabz is that some people have noticed a little weight loss taking this pill.

Addtabz is not a weight loss pill, however, since it contains the active compound Ampheta-CDP, which as you read above, is the amplified hybrid of Ampheta-HCL.

Ampheta HCL is an active ingredient used in Lexium’s most popular weight loss remedy, Phentabz. This is why there could be a possibility of Addtabz behaving like a small appetite suppressant also.

It doesn’t occur in most places though, so if you want a weight loss remedy as well, you’re better off checking out their dedicated solution.

Is It Safe For Long Term Use?

Unlike prescription based alternatives, such as Adderine, Lexium state that Addtabz is safely designed for you to take the tablets for the medium to longer term use.

Where To Source AddTabz

Addtabz is not available at your large stores such as Walmart, GNC, Walgreens and so forth. They do from time to time appear in little in little booths inside malls, but it’s hard to predict where these will pop up and when.

Functioning At Peak LevelsThe best place to source Addtabz at any time is through the official website. This ensures that you are getting the genuine Addtabz product and also lists the best possible prices that are available currently.

They do discount offers on multiple buys and since you’re likely to require more than one month’s supply of these enhancers, you’re better off purchasing the bigger package as, not only will it save you money, you won’t have to keep remembering month by month to reorder your supply.

When you do forget and run out, the problem is that by the time the new supply arrives, you are likely to have lost the peak level performance which get’s built up through continued use. This may or may not be important to your circumstances.

Should You Invest In AddTabz

Addtabz is quite possibly the best Adderall alternative that is currently available on the market today.
It’s in-house comprised active ingredient delivers its intended results and promises to continue to work safely for a longer term use- if that’s your intention.

The solution itself is simple to use, requiring typically one tablet daily with a glass of water and you should start to feel its effect within around 20-30 minutes of taking it.

Addtabz is the perfect prescription powered solution (even though it doesn’t require a prescription) if you want to experience all the benefits of a improved brain function, such as a better memory, retention level, reduced anxiety, enhanced cognitive function and increased energy levels.

Additionally, it also is a non prescription alternative for mild to medium ADHD/ADD sufferers, meaning you can purchase it freely and no longer have to pay to see the doctor for prescription.

With the popularity of nootropic’s taking the world by storm and with the large array of different choices to increase the brain function in one’s life, you do need to be careful in your selection of product, because there are a lot of ‘backyard chemists’ branding almost anything and take profit in an exploding market.

Wouldn’t it make sense then, to choose a proven product like Addtabz, manufactured by a company who’s been manufacturing pharmaceuticals for over a quarter of a century? What’s more, there’s even a chance you might lose a little weight as an added bonus too!

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