Common Uses For Nootropics

Brain PowerThere has been a level of confusion and argument amongst many people around the purpose of a Nootropics.

Nootropic’s are also referred to as a number of different things, from smart drugs, to memory enhancers, intelligent enhancers and even brain enhancers.

However you prefer to refer to it, there usual typical primary function is to improve some (usually a few) aspects of the brain’s function.

They can come in the form of tablets, supplements or even through some herbal foods and due to its high take up rate and popularity over the last three years in particular, this brain enhancing remedy has loads of different suppliers and manufacturers that all want a piece of market share.

The actual word itself is only around four decades old, where a Romanian psychologist used it for the first time.

What Are The Different Uses?

There are two major different roles that Nootropics are typically used for, although these two types of users may use it for both reasons, but it’s more likely that it is one out of the two distinct types of buyers of this remedy.

Category One:

Academic Or Power Positions

University StudentsGiven that a major purpose of Nootropics is to improve cognitive brain function, including increasing memory, greater analytical abilities, better memory retention, improve concentration and a reduction in anxiety levels, it’s of no surprise that Nootropics are widely used by students for better academic performance.

Busy Stressful Work Situations

Similarly, executives in corporate entities are also turning to Nootropics for assistance in getting more functionality and excellence from themselves in highly pressurized job situations.

With business market places becoming much more dynamic and fluid, leaders need to be at the top of their game, coming up with intelligent gaming plans, innovation and creativity to make useful strategic decisions that will benefit primarily the company, but the leaders too.

Executives are finding themselves expected to work longer hours and remain even more committed, and Nootropics with its energy boosting powers (typically in conjunction with caffeine) can help them drive themselves harder and longer.

For Social Astuteness

People are flocking to Nootropic supplements for social situations. As humans, we are always looking to ‘fit in’ and be seen to be intelligent, impressive and likeable.

Whether you are looking to impress your colleagues at Friday night quiz night, or out on a date and wanting to demonstrate good conversation and knowledge, or even at a wedding where you don’t know a lot of the guests at your table.

Having a supplement which can increase your brain function and improve your confidence and comfort levels at social situations has a number of advantages.

In fact, even the older generation are investing in these supplements, to not only improve any lost brain functionality due to general age, but to remain sharp, focused, intelligent and impressive.

This does not mean that these are the only two types of people that are using this powerful remedy, as even older retired people can be seen to be using this option, to improve the function of their brain, even if they are past their prime.

Second Category

Medical Purposes

DoctorsThe second and perhaps more traditional historical role of Nootropics, is for the treatment of various disease and illnesses.

It has been used to assist with cognitive related issues associated with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson Disease and ADHD/ ADD.

It is still prescribed by doctors today to assist these sufferers by the improving cognitive function.

Should You Be Using It Too?

It’s of no real surprise as to the sheer popularity and volume of people that are enjoying the benefits of Nootropics today and there really is no group of people that seem to shy away from this remedy.

From Lawyers, to CEO’s, to students, politicians and more, there really is no one who would say no, to easily improving your intellect, health and cognitive function.

However, that being said, Nootropics are a complex area, in that there are still places around the world where it is considered not legal, especially when it’s not prescription based.

And, that’s not a bad thing either. A bad batch of ingredients that is mixed by an unqualified ‘backyard chemist’, can have devastating results, else be fatal too.

Always ensure that you check your local laws to find out whether it is legal where you are and do your due diligence to ensure that whatever you source, you find a proven mix that made by an experienced company that has people providing favorable results.

There are also lots of Nootropics that come with a multitude of nasty side effects that you need to make yourself aware of.

Anyway, If you’re not sure where to begin, have a look at a product called Addtabz. It’s a highly popular non prescription based Nootropic, that is considered an alternative to the prescription based Adderill, although it produces similar results through its proprietary blend formula, without the nasty side effects

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